The Company

The Intellihub Group (Intellihub) is an Australia- and New Zealand-based smart utility infrastructure-as-a-service company delivering innovative metering and data solutions to consumers, retailers, network service providers and regulators. Intellihub is the only independent, dedicated multi-utility metering platform in Australia and New Zealand and is the preferred provider of choice for leading utility retailers.

Intellihub specialises in asset management, installation, financing and day-to-day operations of smart utility infrastructure including  electricity, gas and water utilities, servicing over 30 electricity retailers, electricity network businesses and embedded network owners.

The Challenge

At the time of acquisition by PEP, Intellihub was a small scale player in the Australian electricity meter market which was transitioning into smart metering.  New regulations requiring the rollout of smart meters coupled with consumer demand for advanced metering services, including measurement of two-way energy flows from solar installations, was driving demand for smart metering service providers.  Furthermore, the changing energy market and need for more timely data measurements and remote meter reading meant Intellihub could, with the right backing and focus, take advantage of a transitioning energy market.


Intellihub’s metering intelligence unlocks valuable insights, creates opportunities and helps customers optimise their operations by providing a faster and more accurate meter data reading, with a focus on bringing new innovative products to market and on driving an exceptional customer experience.  Intellihub has established a best practice cyber security rating achieving a level 4 on the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).

In addition, through PEP’s ownership, the data management capabilities of Intellihub have been expanded to establish an advanced cellular utility solutions company which enables utilities to deliver integrated digital solutions.

Intellihub’s capabilities are expanding and its position as a vital infrastructure asset in a transitioning economy, which can assist to manage electricity grid health, leave it positioned to take advantage of increased electrification.

  • Established ESG framework focussing on safety, diversity, zero emissions and responsible sourcing.
  • Calculated carbon footprint for operations in FY20
  • A$1.45 billion green loan certified by the Climate Bonds Standard certification scheme’s electrical grids and storage criteria
  • Increased smart utility assets from less than 200,000 to 1.2 million