The Company

Zenith Energy Limited (Zenith) specialises in tailored off-grid power generation and service models.  Zenith provides remote energy solutions to mining projects.

The Challenge

Given the remote locations of Zenith’s operations and a global movement away from the use of fossil fuels for energy creation, Zenith faces the dual challenges of increasing costs of generating power through non-renewable sources and an increasing need to transition to renewable power.


At the time of acquisition, Zenith was generating less than 20% of power with renewable energy.  Since acquisition by PEP, Zenith has tasked Zenith with reducing carbon emissions and increasing the uptake of renewable energy generation.  Zenith currently measures and tracks monthly carbon emissions based on fuel consumption and is actively trying to reduce carbon emissions by pursuing more renewable power generation.

Zenith has set up capabilities to measure emissions intensity of its energy generation and now reports to the board on a monthly basis.